CCA Integrated Vulnerability Assessment

CCA Integrated Vulnerability Assessment

The Jamaica Rural Economy and Ecosystems Adapting to Climate change (Ja REEACH) project is improving the adaptive capacity of our Jamaican partners and institutions to promote livelihoods and natural systems that are resilient to climate change and its impacts; and, to strengthen local and national institutions to support the processes of adaptation and sustainability.

Through this project, integrated vulnerability assessment (IVA) methodology was used to establish a baseline assessment of vulnerability in the rural communities. The assessment provided values of the degree of vulnerability that exists in rural communities across Jamaica and guided implementation of core interventions to reduce vulnerabilities in those communities, such as Climate Change Action Training (CCAT), Climate-Smart Farmer Field Schools, and Community Engagement to Drive Adaptation Response. Areas assessed included:

– Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions towards climate change and climate variability

– Community residents’ levels of adaptive capacities for global climate change and climate variability,

– Exposure to climate stressors and factors that influence the degree of impact that could result based on exposure, and

– Degree to which vulnerability varies for vulnerable groups—gender and age.

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