The protection, conservation, sustainable management and utilisation of marine and forest resources are critically important to local and international stakeholders. Given the reliance of the poor on environmental services for their livelihoods, e.g., fertile land or fresh water supply, a central element of conservation strategies must be developed around ecosystem management and restoration activities.

How we do this:

We work in assisting and fostering sustainable environments and economies by partnering with communities, governments and the private sector in the implementation of effective terrestrial and marine resource management projects. The INTASAVE-CARIBSAVE Group helps develop and transmit innovative approaches, connecting knowledge between communities and supporting the implementation of conservation programmes and approaches.

INTASAVE Nature protects and conserves wildlife and nature in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Restoring and transplanting coral reef, protecting animals large and small, and preserving the natural environment for future generations. People, animals and the environment are at the heart of what we do. We work on marine conservation, coral restoration, sustainable energy for development (such as solar powered grids for African communities), and essential wildlife conservation work across the globe. By supporting INTASAVE Nature, you are making our essential work possible and helping to protect the planet and everything that makes it so special.

INTASAVE Oceans recognises the value and importance of coral reefs systems and their vital role in ecosystem services.  Healthy coral reefs are the ‘rainforests of the ocean’.  They should not just be valued for their beauty. They protect coastlines from storms and erosion, provide jobs, income and food to coastal communities as the home of healthy fish stocks, and are even a potential source of new medicines. In economic terms coral reefs are one of the most valuable natural assets in the world, generating £18 billion in net profits to mankind per year. Globally corals reefs are in rapid decline due to pollution, overfishing and climate change, which is bad news for the lives and livelihoods of 500 million people.

Our vision is to restore coral reefs, protecting them for future generations and positively investing in local communities by:

  • Re-growing to rebuild damaged reefs
  • Empowering communities to manage their reefs
  • Working with the private sector to generate alternative forms of income through tourism

INTASAVE OCEANS use low cost and low tech coral reef propagation methods whilst utilizing the most up to date genetic knowledge to encourage coral reef health whilst ensuring there are no risks to wild coral populations.  Located mainly in protected marine park areas and no-take zones, coral reefs are tended by locals, coral gardeners who understand that healthy coral reefs mean a greater diversity of marine life, healthier fisheries and increased coastal protection from storms.

Project Staff Profiles

Senior Experts

Jonathan McCue

Jonathan McCue

Director of Sustainable Seas Ltd
Chartered Coastal Scientist

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